Adding decking may seem like a lot of work, but the long term benefits greatly outweigh the initial cost. There are many options of materials for decking, from different types of soft wood, composite materials and railings that are resistant to scratches and stains.

The addition of a finely built decking area provides great aesthetic appeal for your home. Decking is easy to paint or stain in order to match the colours of your home and can help highlight an area of a garden that may otherwise go unnoticed.


No room in the garage for the barbeque and patio furniture? Well that's exactly what the deck is for! Decks are a great place for potted plants, bird feeders and other odds and ends that may not have a place elsewhere in your home.

Of course, the absolute best thing about a decking area is it provides a great place to host parties and other events. 


We offer a professional timber fencing supply and installation service, using a number of different timber fencing systems such as closeboard fencing, featherboard and hoarding, panels.

Each style of timber fencing has it's benefits and we can suggest the best fencing solution for your requirements. As we purchase in such high volumes we are able to secure significantly reduced rates for materials, together with a competitively priced installation service from our team of contractors





Key Benefits of the Service

  Adds beauty to your garden
  Highlight areas of your garden
  Space that’s ideal for playing, dining, entertaining, or relaxing
  Decking can be installed on uneven ground